I Am Confident For My Writing

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Writing has never been my strong suit so I understood why I had been placed into EWRT 211. Before this class I had not written an essay since I was a junior in high school (six years ago). I have always struggled with writing, but it was not until my first diagnostic essay that I realized how terrible my writing skills were. Everything about the diagnostic essay screamed that I did not know what I was doing. Since then, I have noticed a vast improvement in my writing. This class has taught me how to become a better writer by creating stronger theses and by knowing why rough drafts are important to writing. Nevertheless, I still need to develop better strategies to manage my writing. I chose my essays, What Influences Teens To Become Adults and Resilience Among College Students, because they demonstrate my growth throughout this class. Even though I still need to improve on managing my writing, I am confident in moving to EWRT 1A because I have learned how to create strong theses, and how rough drafts have a great impact on my writing.
Without a strong thesis an essay falls apart and fails to let the reader know what they are trying to say. For instance, in my rough draft Stop of Reality my thesis was very vague and did not meet the requirements for the essay. It stated, “Although the injustice that these [Native American] women face still continue to this day, the women these three tribes face...will slowly begin to see justice for the crimes that were committed upon them”…

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