I Am Contacting Your Up Coming Film Quilts

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I am contacting you in concern for your up coming film Quilts. I have read the script that you sent to my agency and have found the perfect women to play the part of the mother and the narrator. She fits the role of a tough, traditional and loving single mother. My acquaintance Mama Johnson would be the best candidate for this part. Mrs. Johnson may not have a lot of money but, has always provided for her two girls Dee and Maggie. After a house fire that destroys their home, the Johnson’s rebuild and keep their family traditions alive.

Mama Johnson was born in the mid 1990’s, because the era she was born in was such a different time period than today’s generation, it brought hardships for young black women. Mrs. Johnson grew up having very little money so; Mama parents taught her the ropes in order to help take care of her family. These skills help Mama out when she becomes older and starts a family of her own. Mrs. Johnson barely mentions her girls’ father but, as far as I can tell he is not their lives. So being raised as a poor girl had its advantages because she now knows the ropes on how to be a mother and provide for her family like a father.

Mrs. Johnson also takes pride in hard work and she works just as good has a man if not better. Mama could do anything from shooting and skinning hogs to working from dusk till dawn. One time she got kicked right between the eyes by a bull but, that did not stop her. She got right back up and had his meat hung up to dry by

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