I Am Convergent When Convergence Is Being Charismatic?

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Dedicated on the eighth day, of the people of the church of Pentecost, Pentecostal of Pentecostals; as to the law, I spoke in tongues early; as to zeal, a weeping worship leader; as to righteousness under the law, I was a third generation pastors son; as to the gifts, Charismatic. All jokes aside, that was me. I was a pure-bred pentecostal. By the time I resigned from my first pastoral position this person, this me, had died. I was now a disenchanted charismatic. I was done with it. I had seen to many people hurt by manipulative prophecy, was tired of trying to earn His Presence through my earnest worship and was sick of hearing people say, “God told me to…” whatever. A statement that was to often followed by some convenient Scripturally opposing stupidity. So, how can I be Convergent when Convergence is being Charismatic? Because I’m Convergent. Let me explain. After my disenchantment with the Charismatic I went where every disenchanted Charismatic goes; the Evangelical Church. Why? Because we all want security, safety and consistency. Where the Charismatic church prided itself in “you never know whats going to happen” I needed somewhere that I knew exactly what would happen; the Scriptures. It was here that I was introduced to such preachers as Chuck Smith, John Piper, and theologians such as Stott and Packer. Under the tutelage of the Evangelical Church I fell in love with the authoritative, inerrant and sufficient Scriptures. I found meat and a much needed foundation.

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