I Am Currently On Placement At Thurrock Mind

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I am currently on placement at Thurrock Mind , which is an organisation that develops and offers a wide range of services in the community for those individuals who confront with different mental issues. Recently, I have joined the Advocacy Service that is available to individuals aged 18 and over , who don 't necessarily have a mental health problem. The service aims to support people with adequate advice and information, forms filling or helping to understand key information that is relevant in decision-making process , enabling them to say what they want and what they need. I have my own caseload which is varied, in a sense that people 's circumstances and the type of help required might differ . I was assigned to deal with a …show more content…

Historically, the parents have no past deviant behaviours, no police records, and medically, there is no evidence that they have particular or consistent conditions that might alter their cognitive functions , impacting somehow upon their parenting skills. The children are very polite, well fed and friendly. Possible ethical dilemmas: Ethical dilemma arising from conflict between two professional selves As soon as I read the referral , I identified an area of major concern towards myself and my exposure to risk . To make sure that the case is instrumented and treated correctly and , I asked to be shadowed by one my colleagues who has more experience, as I am required according to the code of conduct and ethics for students, that I 'should act within the limits of own knowledge and skills. ' Unfortunately, due to the problematic financial climate, the organisation has got only 3 advocates that work part-time, at that moment the only two who worked on that day had got appointments. Exercising my role as an advocate , I am expected to comply with the organisational regulations and procedures. Whenever I am seeing a client, it is compulsory to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, which has been created in accordance with Data Protection Act 1988 (, 2017). The agreement ensures the service user that everything that is disclosed will be kept securely ,unless there are concerns that a child is at harm, that the client puts another

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