I Am Eternally Grateful For All

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In the past four years of my life, I have encountered many experiences that many people in today’s society, will not be able to experience for themselves. For that I am eternally grateful for all the support I have received for all that I have done. Who can say that they were a Princess for a year and traveled all over the western Wisconsin to represent their town in parades and events? Who can say that when they were 13 years old, they got to travel across the country with their church group and do mission work in Seattle, Washington by bus? Who can say that they traveled to New Jersey for one week and then headed up to New York the next while doing missionary work, two years after Seattle? These are just three examples of what I have…show more content…
It took a total of four states to reach our destination. The week spent with my mission group was one of the most emotionally challenging weeks I have encountered. Seeing others have nothing compared to what you do, is one of the most shocking things that you can experience. Being face to face with those who live in tents and eat one meal a day shows you how good some of us have it. Our mission group attended a program called “Tent City.” This is an area where those who don’t have the money to keep their homes, live. These people set up an area just for tents that are shared with three to five people. We got to serve these people by feeding them a whole dinner. While we were there we listened to the stories that they had to share. We learned about their previous lives and how they ended up here. This was the day that reality had hit me. I lived by taking advantage and never thought about how others lived. This was also that day that changed the way I lived. I started to think of others and in some way, put them before me. I love to see people smile and laugh, so I do what can to see that, even if I am not always happy. Two years later, the same group and I traveled to New Jersey to do mission work after a hurricane swept through. As we arrived, on the outside it looked like paradise. White sand beaches were everywhere I looked. Alongside the beaches were tall and bright houses that were surrounded by vibrant flowers, but on the inside it was broken and so were the

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