I Am First Time Parents Essay

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14th February 1993 was a black day; not for it stayed dark, overcast and rainy all day – typical London weather, rather owing to the fact that doom descended on the lives of two couples: Kaashi - Kamal on the one hand, and Saira - Jai on the other. They were two young married pairs of Indian origin – in their early thirties, neighbours – living in London Middlesex, and coincidentally. Besides, both couples were about to become first-time parents – in the next few hours. Quite a few similarities? Well, another and the most unfortunate one was – both pairs had a hothead each: Kaashi the angry young woman in the first one, whilst Jai the angry young man in the second. Fortunately, both madcaps were blessed with a cool-as-cucumber better half; Kamal: Kaashi’s hubby and Saira: Jai’s wifey. On that Valentine’s evening, when the foursome started off for the Portland Hospital to admit Kaashi for her delivery, Saira’s pre-labour cramps triggered – indicating her delivery was also imminent. Although the journey was preceded by acrimony between the quarrelsome duo Jai and Kaashi – kinda spoiler; all of them were looking forward to the romantic day turning into the biggest day of their lives. However, soon that festive Sunday evening turned into an ill-fated one, as Kaashi and Jai had to be rushed to the accident department of London’s Chelsea and Westminster hospital. Oh yes, along with Saira! So – in fact, three people were admitted in an emergency, by the anguished fellow Kamal. Of

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