I Am Free to Choose My Own Identity, Discuss

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“I am free to choose my own identity! Discuss” Who am I? How does this differ from how others view me? Identity is something that is so personal to each of us that no two individuals are the same. That is not to say however that we do not share common elements of our identity with others “the notion of identity hinges on an apparently paradoxical combination of sameness and difference. The root of the word identity is the Latin idem (same) from which we also get ‘identical’ “(Lawler, S. 2008:2). This highlights the idea that the basis of identity is that of sameness and difference which was also expressed by Zygmunt Bauman. This idea of sameness and differences…show more content…
That is that for each age group there are ideas about what are appropriate and inappropriate forms of behaviour for each age group. A child for example is looked upon as being largely dependant on adults to provide for them, therefore in instances where a child is largely independent for example or has a caring role toward a parent there are different expectations of them within their home whereas society is still likely to view them as being dependant on adults. Then comes the group youth which could also be referred to as teenagers, this period between childhood and adulthood where the individual is being prepared for adulthood and during which the level of independence they are given from adults is ever increasing though they are still subject to some constraints on their behaviour although these are also generally differentiated by the gender of the teenager as boys are often given more space and are less closely watched than girls. Within our society there are also various sub groupings within teenagers. Many teenagers ‘fit’ into a particular social grouping we are widely acknowledging of Emos, Goths, Ravers, Punks, Chavs, Rockers, Indie, Jocks and so on. With each of these groups comes a particular lifestyle each with particular forms of dress, attitude, behaviour and musical preference and so on. Within the

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