I Am From Saudi Arabia And My Native Language Essay

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Taking English classes favor a lot of students, especially those whose native language is not English. It is proven that international students who study English in an American school learn more much grammar and writing skills than Americans themselves. It is just the fact in every language. For example, I am from Saudi Arabia and my native language is Arabic: if I was asked to write a formal essay in Arabic I would not be able to write it. The reason that I don’t have the eagerness because I feel it is my first language and I don’t need to learn about my language’s grammar or writing skills. This applies to many native speakers. However, I am very interested in English language since I was 16 years old. Coming to the United Stated pursuing a bachelor degree requires very professional English skills, most importantly, Writing skills. I am taking WAC. 107 course for this fall 2016 semester: this course has evolved my skills in writing, grammar -mistakes-free-, and a lot more. I would mention in my essay the very important lessons I have learned in this course including- but not excluding – the change in my critical thinking, the course objectives that I have reached, the lessons and activities that were the most useful to me, and the changes that I would make for this semester. Critical thinking is vividly essential skill that it opens my mind more to think and work rather than just writing boring or ineffective essays. I learned in this course how to be a critical
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