I Am From South Africa

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I am from South Africa. When I was growing up I grew up without my parents, my father denied me in front of my family and said he was not my father and therefore he was not going to take care of me, my mother on the other hand was living in a boarding school because she had to continue school even though she had a child, I was forced at a young age to start thinking like a independent woman. Furthermore, my mother left South Africa when I was 10 years old and she barely came back during the years, I am now 22 years old, working two jobs and paying for my own school fees. Ever since I was young independence was something that was imbedded in me and even now I carry independence in my blood. I live on my own even though my mother Is here in America because my mind and body has taught itself that It want dependent on anybody but it will work hand to be more independent and hopefully reach my goals. After reading Arabian Jazz I connected so well with Melvina , she is independent , she strives for success and she does not let anyone get in her way, her characteristics make me connect with her and her ability to learn at the end how to be sympathetic to others and know she can have it all: love culture and a career. Everyone in the world can have it all, be independent, have leadership skills in your blood, have smypathy and strive to be the best in all the choices they make when it comes to their careers and life.

A person’s past should not determine what they become in life,
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