I Am Gained Through Philosophy, Even For The Computer Science Student

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There is knowledge to be gained through philosophy, even for the computer science student. When I first learned that this was a required course for my degree curriculum, I did not believe I would find value in taking the course. Now I am going to present my evaluation of why I have changed my mind. What is the definition of philosophy? The dictionary would define it as “the study of the basic ideas about knowledge, truth, right and wrong, religion, and the nature and meaning of life”. My first response was “truth, right and wrong, religion, meaning of life”, how can that help a computer science student? The idea of gaining knowledge through the discipline of philosophy seemed foreign to me. What I learned was that my original…show more content…
The historian would be able to go on for hours churning out historical facts. If you were to ask the same question of philosophers, they would have to admit that their studies have obtained positive along with negative results. The reason for this is that as soon as any knowledge about a subject gets definite, it turns into its own science, and is no longer called philosophy. (Bertrand Russell p21 Book). I agree with Russell that the questions that philosophers try to answer are a part of what drives ambiguity in philosophy. Russell states that philosophy is not just about recommending answers to questions, additionally it is to make sure that people are aware of the questions coupled with the importance of each of those questions. Questions he posed like, “is consciousness a permanent part of the universe giving hope to indefinite growth in wisdom and the questions of good and evil” are valid questions that should be applied to all disciplines. Being employed in the field of computer science feels like there is indefinite growth with what we are watching being designed today, at the same time we shouldn’t overlook the morality in the things we create. I would agree with Russell’s conclusion that we need to study the questions. Before I took Introduction to Philosophy, if you were to ask me any of the questions Russell mentions above I would have had no comment or opinion on any of them. I never thought about them before. I

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