I Am Gandhi As My Leader

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I picked Gandhi as my leader because in my opinion he was one of the most humble leaders in the 20th century. He held no official political title, commanded no army and had no great wealth but he managed to influence an entire country to stand up for independence in non-violent forms. I have also studied about some of his movements as a result of myself being from Sri Lanka which is a neighboring country to India. Gandhi also made people believe in themselves and feel influential in the shared vision. Therefore I thought I would do my leadership biography and learn more about him and also to instill some of the characteristics and approaches I learn to my life in the future.
He was one of the only people who fought violence with non-violence to bring freedom to a country. Being from Sri Lanka, I have heard a great deal about his leadership and his movements to fight against different unfair taxations put forth by the British on the Indian people because at that time India was a British colony. He fought silently and kept moving towards his ultimate end goal irrespective of what got in his way and he fought it all with non-violence. Sri Lanka too was invaded on multiple occasions, by the Portuguese, Dutch and British respectively. It is well known that most of the retaliations were bloody and was filled with violence. These foreign invasions were common back then during the era of world exploration and this resulted in violence spread in this region. A leader like Gandhi…

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