I Am Global, Resilient, And Empathic

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Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. Strength can be defined in countless ways and the strength of someone is unmeasurable. I believe the strength is the unique elements of a person, which help them overcome a challenge. In other word, without the strength a person can’t overcome the obstacles. Strength is the key to open up a new door in your life; door full of opportunities, which will make people grow and improve. There is an old Japanese saying: “Juunin Toiro,” which means ten people, ten colors. This is saying everybody is different and unique. This goes the same for the strengths of each person. People have different strengths as they cope with the difficulty differently. My strengths are that I am global, resilient, and empathic.
When I face a problem, I think up of a solution in two ways. I would think as an American and I would think as a Japanese. Solving and coping with the hardships with two perspectives has helped me become global and also better problem solver. I moved to U.S. from Japan when I was 8 and I have been immersed to both of the cultures evenly. Thus I have two perspectives towards the world as if I have two minds. Moving away from Japan has given me an opportunity to see the weaknesses of my culture. It has also made me realize that I was living in a small world where everybody thought the same way. On the other hand, by having the Japanese cultural view I realized weaknesses of the American culture. Although America is an enormous country
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