I Am Grateful For A Postsecondary Education Essay

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In 2014, there were over 17.3 million students enrolled in American undergraduate programs, a 31% increase from fourteen years ago in 2000 (National Center for Education Statistics). In this day and age, most Americans need a degree to ascertain career opportunities in the future; there are options for virtually all backgrounds to receive a postsecondary education. Due to the variety of education options in the United States, there are numerous opportunities for one to reach their “Utopia” when coming to school. In an idea world, there must be a school for every student to have their individual needs met and provide the perfect college experience. Through synthesizing famous texts such as Hamlet, The Aeneid, Utopia, and The Prince, I will describe the “Utopian” college setting that will successfully prepare a student like myself for the transition into adulthood. While college is both intellectually stimulating and challenging, there should be no challenge to be prepared for the “real world.” While I am grateful for my opportunity to attend college, postsecondary education is far too often seen as a necessary step towards adulthood, but is at the cost of a luxury item. Unlike Hamlet, I will not be graduating from college without any debt. Therefore, my “Utopian” college experience will be at no or little cost to ensure a fair chance of financial stability after graduation. Everyone should have the chance to attend college if they desire to pursue their education without
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