I Am Grateful For Having Been Exposed By Dr. Muvingi

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Even though this book was written in 2001, I am grateful for having been exposed to this book by Dr. Muvingi in my Mediation class. I like Kenneth Cloke, who is the Director of the Centre for Dispute Resolution in Santa Monica, California and is an experienced author and writer. I consider Mediating Dangerously is a call for action for mediators, this book offers a fresh vision to new and experienced mediators within the field of conflict analysis and resolution. Cloke explores the deeper foundations of the transformational process of mediation in order to discover what exactly happens when people engage in the risky practices of forgiveness and honesty, and reveal their authentic selves to one another. He also shows us how to reach beyond technical, traditional, or conventional interventions within and throughout a mediation process. I am convinced one of the intentions of the author in this book; definitely was to teach conflict analysis and resolution professionals how to unveil its invisible heart and soul in order to reveal the delicate and sensitive engine that drives the process of personal and organizational transformation. I have learned that the process of mediation is not an easy process to master and requires a tremendous amount of practice before becoming an expert. Mediators need to know how to clarify the issues involved in a conflict, develop tons of patience as well as improve their listening skills. Mediators need to control their own emotions,

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