I Am Gray Research Paper

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I am a gray area. Gray is unusual, and different. I hated the color for so long because being at all associated with it gave me the impression that I was uninteresting, dull, lackluster. But in reality, I just didn’t fit into the cut and dry lines of the rest of the world. Gray was unique, and I defied convention. I cannot be fixed into black and white alone. Many of the things that make me who I am are things that oppose or challenge each other, things that clash; but rather than separating and isolating these things from one another, I mix them together; intertwining and weaving them into the complexity, and the simplicity, of my personality. I am a female, in a male-dominated world. But I’m also a girl who knows she is undoubtedly going…show more content…
But I am not a gray area because my colors are muddled, but because they are elaborately, deftly blended. I blend the spectrums of my personality in my own, unique way, to create my own color. My experience is one that is anything but average, anything but universal. It is unique, complex, and completely mine; and I own it in everything I do. The many polarizations and variances among the traits I possess continually shape my being; all that I am, and all that I can and will be. I am not just an immigrant story, not just an artist, not just a little girl with big dreams. I am an amalgamation. Constricting people to their most base categories and generalizations is the narrowest way to see them. All of human nature isn’t fixed within the borders of two polar colors; who we are lies in the spectrums between. As I grew to understand the way the spectrums are spun, I began to love all the gray parts of myself. The strength of gray is that it can bring out all the beauty in the rest of the colors. Gray is so versatile, so resilient, so alive. It is not limited to the boundaries of convention. Gray is the core, the soul, of all color. Once I could see and love the gray in myself, I could see the world in all its broad spectrums, instead of just black and
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