I Am Happy For What I Have Achieved As A Writer

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Preface Usually the happy ending comes on the last page; however, I am so happy that I couldn’t save that happiness for the end. I am happy for what I have achieved as a writer. Now that I am living in the after moment, I fully enjoy and appreciate the academic success I have earned. Couple of years ago, if someone asked me to write some fifty pages on any topic, I wouldn’t even think that was possible. During my two-year study in the United States, I have gone through many stages, all challenging, yet downright useful to my academic and personal life. I must admit that I had a zero impulse to write, but I was lucky to meet and work with real world-class writers who inspired me and helped me to be a good writer. Despite busy schedules and stressful mind, I took up the challenges and rode the tide. I always kept a notepad or journal beside my bed to write down my thoughts and memories that appeared in the middle of night. I would get them down on paper and reviewed back in the morning. In those days, the morning for me started at 11:00am as I usually stayed awake the whole night to read, write and, of course, worryingly check news back home. While my brave fellow citizens, Peshmerga, fight the ISIL in the frontlines, I feel I fight psychologically side by side Peshmerga with my singular vigor through pen and paper. I didn’t find a better time to write than past 10:00pm after my two gorgeous and mischievous daughters go to bed. I then enjoyed the calm of the night where all

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