I Am I 'm About My Life

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Am I really about to do this, I thought. Could she possibly be right? Maybe, just maybe I won’t get caught because it’s only one time. All these negative thoughts raced through my mind like cars in a highway. As we sauntered in the store, I felt like everyone already knew I had done it. They watched me like an eagle watches its prey. I didn’t want to do it, but it was too late to turn around and say no. I was wondering who was going to say something to me, or who knew what I did. I did know, however, that this was going to haunt me for the rest of my life! Ashley Berroa, my beloved, but cunning 16 year old cousin had come to visit from New York over the summer of 2012. She was very skinny and short, but strong. Her strength deceives anyone’s eyes. She would always tell me stories of when she would skip school, fight girls or boys; she brawled with a pregnant woman in ninth grade! She would always tell me how innocent I was, and that I would never hurt a fly. She would also say that I was too terrified to get in trouble, which was one hundred percent true. I still don’t understand how Ash could be so corrupt and immoral and enjoy it! Ashley, Chulie, and I were strolling on the plaza where Big Kmart was next to Magic City Casino. We were wondering what we should do. Suddenly, Chulie, my older cousin just disappeared into her favorite store, Rainbow. She was 20 years old, tall, fair-skinned and had brown curly hair. Ever since I was little she had always been a role model…

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