I Am Insane-Personal Narrative

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I trembled with an overwhelming feeling of terror regarding the impossibility of the previous day’s events. I could not - no matter how hard I tried- wrap my head around them. Had they been ghosts? Had the died that day three years ago, and now have been haunting the house, going about their past lives? Or maybe I didn’t really see them, Maybe they weren’t really there. Maybe I’m insane. Though, of course I suppose that would also have to qualify Vera and Mrs. Sappleton for insanity as well. After all, they saw them, too. I started thinking of any scientifically sound Explanation for what had happened to cloak the supernatural one that had arisen first in my mind. However, I was snapped out of my thoughts by the eminently distressing sound of the ringing telephone. I dubiously answered…show more content…
Nuttel, I didn’t think you’d come back after yesterday. It’s scary, really. They return on the anniversary of their disappearance every year.”
“Yes, that’s actually why i came back. You see, I wasn’t always this nervous. It all began after my wife disappeared about six years ago. We looked for her everywhere, but she was never found. It took me years to accept the fact that she is gone. Though, sometimes I can still hear her voice. It sings, she loved singing. It sings the same song over and over again and i can never remember the name of it. Once or twice in the past i have even seen her. She dances around the house. It is truly terrifying, but I know that it was always all in my head. You see, the events of yesterday reminded me of her,” I began telling my own tale.
Vera’s face transformed into one full of guilt, “Oh. I’m so sorry about your wife, Mr. Nuttel. I lied about those things yesterday, I didn’t know about your wife. I must have caused you so much pain, remembering your tragedy. I hope you can forgive me, I was only trying to have a little fun.”
“It’s quite alright, but maybe now you will think twice before telling another tall
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