I Am Interested Into Learning

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I have always been a very studious person and I genuinely enjoy learning and figuring things out through experimentation and doing things for myself. This is wonderful in many ways, but, unfortunately, it has made it very hard for me to decide about a college major. I am interested in learning as much about as many things as I can. This is my goal because I am curious about how the world works and I want to understand it to help make it better. I chose the Northeastern Explore Program because it will allow me to experiment with different courses and try to find the major I ultimately want to commit to. With the targeted support from advisors and counselors, I think I will be more easily able to determine what I want to do. I am also quite scared of commitment, and by choosing this program, I can prolong that decision further into the future.
This semester has only made somethings clearer, mostly it has made everything feel more real and more immediate. I have struggled with Calculus 1 and with Physics 1 and while initially that was very discouraging and made me want nothing to do with either subject, I now feel that struggling through those subjects may be the best thing I can do for myself, especially if my goal is to become an engineer. At the beginning of the year, I told my roommates that I wanted nothing to do with Physics or Calculus after this semester and yet now, I find myself enrolled in both Physics 2 and Calculus 2. I have enjoyed both Sociology and Philosophy…
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