I Am Interested On Being A Third Grade Teacher

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I am interested on being a third to fifth grade teacher in a public elementary school and have spent the last three years working towards that goal. I want to attend this program in order to better prepare myself to teach students of this age range and be an active agent in curriculum planning. I would also like to continue my education past this level through either self-taught, continuing education, or online courses, and possibly attain a doctorate at a later time. While attending both GMU and NVCC I have been working close to or at full time. This has not only had the impact of me needing to balance my time between the two, but also taught me the value of finding real world applications for the knowledge that I’ve attained. While working at my current job at Trader Joe’s, I have been able to use knowledge that I’ve learned in both my general education and degree specific classes to make me a better employee and trainer. After having worked on a research paper about a plant of our own choosing (I choose apples) and how it related to humanity and what its history with us was, I was able to take both take both my new knowledge of apples and ciders and help people at work make more informed purchases. My education classes have also given me several skills in teaching people how to do new tasks and learn new information and I’ve been able to better teach our new and current employees about new ways we’re doing stuff in our stores and the items that we sell. As a student in
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