I Am Intrigued By Cultural And Ancestral Influences Affecting Human Behavior

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In medicine, I believe relationship is the basis of healing. The most important skills a physician can have in building therapeutic relationship is the ability to understand their patients, to keep an open mind, and to consider different perspectives. My experiences in Germany, my Interdisciplinary academic work within the Medical Humanities, and my time at Walt Disney World have been the greatest tools to help me develop patient relationship skills. I am intrigued by cultural and ancestral influences affecting human behavior, noting the Germanic roots within my family that influenced our traditions and the ways in which I shaped my perspectives. I chose to attend an international university in Germany, Jacobs University, to develop cultural proficiency. My first days at Jacobs highlighted deep uncertainties inherent with cultural displacement. I was immersed in a world of the unknown, the uncommon, and the unfamiliar including languages, social norms, and customs that were outside my understanding. Jacobs had students attending from 112 different nations. I discerned many of my classmates were also in a similar situation, feeling unanchored and confused. I spearheaded a study group in our biology class composed of students each living far from their respective homes, uniting us through our mutual experiences of being new in an unfamiliar place. Together we created commonalities, forging cohesion through the sharing of knowledge. I learned the invaluable importance of

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