I Am Joaquin Poem Analysis

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During the 1960’s, the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t the only one occurring. Struggling to assimilate into American culture, and suppressed by social injustices convicted by their Anglo counterparts, the Chicano movement was born. In the epic poem “I am Joaquin” written by Rodolfo Gonzales in 1969, we dive into what it means to be a Chicano. Through this poem, we see the struggles of the Chicano people portrayed by the narrator, in an attempt to grasp the American’s attention during the time of these movements. Hoping to shed light on the issues and struggles the Chicano population faced, Gonzales writes this epic in an attempt to strengthen the movement taking place, and to give Chicanos a sense of belonging and solidarity in this now…show more content…
Many times, these Chicanos were pushed off their lands and forced to try and survive elsewhere. “I owned land as far as the eye could see under the Crown of Spain, and I toiled on my earth and gave my Indian sweat and blood for the Spanish master who ruled tyranny over man and beast and all that he could trample. But… THE GROUND WAS MINE.” This is what life was like before the Spanish-American War and before the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This was life before Chicanos were pushed off their land because Anglos fought the documents in court. This is before the treaty that was supposed to protect their rights fell through. This is when life was hard, but it was a life they knew and a struggle they lived with. Although Chicanos have endured many struggles, this is one they want to fight for. Chicanos faced another problem along with their land being taken and being treated as second class citizens. Assimilating into American culture was difficult. Do you keep in touch with the roots of your homeland or do you change and adapt to the new ways of American culture? This was a struggle for Chicanos and it was difficult to adapt. A new language and a new culture in a place they once called their home. Some people tried to fit into both cultures, putting them into somewhere else entirely. This didn’t help their sense of belonging, and ultimately casted them farther as outsiders than before.

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