I Am Joseph, 22 Years Old Student Nurse At The University Of Manitoba

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I’m Joseph, 22 years old student nurse at the University of Manitoba. I enjoy travelling, hiking, cooking, drawing, swimming and reading science fiction novels/comics. I always like to have fun and to seek adventure in life. I was born and raised by a loving and supportive family who values the importance of hope and sanctity of life. Our faith and religion had inspired us in so many ways especially in overcoming the problems we had in the past. Growing up as a child, I was full of hope, bliss and eagerness to mingle with the people around me with a desire to be accepted and be friends with everyone. Our culture also values the importance of close family ties and it helped me develop a strong bond with my parents. They have shown me for so…show more content…
This desire somewhat helps me to keep myself in the zone in achieving the things I want in life and becoming the best person I can be. For me, having the most important things you need in life makes anyone’s life worth-living. Love, good health, good reputation and a long prosperous life will make me the happiest person in the world which is why I work hard to fulfill and live my dreams. My greatest fear is losing my loved ones and eventually being isolated/rejected by the society. I also do not want be loved by nobody and die alone. I think that having a serious health condition can potentially impede my sense of self-worth and quality of life. Health problems can also cause a lot of anxiety and even depression especially if it will prevent me to do the things I love to do in life. Which is why I’m going to do my best to prevent any illnesses from occurring and/or worsening. Being put into this situation would amplify my drive to opt for a healthier lifestyle. I am a type of person who values health and well-being more than anything else because this is what makes us do whatever we can do in order to achieve happiness and satisfaction in life. Hence, I would do everything in my power to fight and treat any illnesses or discomfort that I may get along the way and I expect others (especially the health care providers) to do the same. I expect them to be very
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