I Am Joseph, 22 Years Old Student Nurse At The University Of Manitoba

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I’m Joseph, 22 years old student nurse at the University of Manitoba. I enjoy travelling, hiking, cooking, drawing, swimming and reading science fiction novels/comics. I always like to have fun and to seek adventure in life. I was born and raised by a loving and supportive family who values the importance of hope and sanctity of life. Our faith and religion had inspired us in so many ways especially in overcoming the problems we had in the past. Growing up as a child, I was full of hope, bliss and eagerness to mingle with the people around me with a desire to be accepted and be friends with everyone. Our culture also values the importance of close family ties and it helped me develop a strong bond with my parents. They have shown me for so many times how much they love me unconditionally and I am very thankful to have them. Just recently, my mom was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Fibromuscular dysplasia which causes beading at some areas of her arteries and thus puts her at risk for having stroke. This has been very devastating for us that is why I vowed to myself that I will do everything in my power to become a better nurse and to take good care of her and maintain/improve her health. My goal is to become successful in my career path and to accomplish a lot of things in the medical field. I also want to get married and have kids someday and keep that family bond forever strong. To be honest, I rarely get satisfied with my achievements in life, because I
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