I Am Joseph Smith, But You May Call Me

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I am Joseph Smith, but you may also call me “The Prophet” that is, as what your generation says nowadays, “cool”. I was born on December 23, 1805 as the fifth out of eleven children of Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith who spared no pains in instructing me and my siblings in the Christian religion in our farms in Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire. Religion was stressed and encouraged in my household, and my parent’s devotion and love for God was what inspired me to grow and strengthen in my faith to seek Him and the divine truth. My parents and brothers, especially, encouraged me during my prophet calling. My older brother, Alvin, was very dear and supportive in the contemplation of my success, and Brother Samuel embraced God and got baptized after me and Oliver. Him and Hyrum soon afterwards became a witness to my book and saw the plates. Every morning and evening before our meals, my father led us in hymns, prayer, and read us the Bible. He also homeschooled us and used the Bible for the basis of our learning. My dear mother, a lovely woman, joined a local church but she continued to examine and study the Bible and looked up to Jesus and his disciples as her guide. It was she who told me “We must obtain from God that knowledge which man cannot give or take away.” Intense and exciting fervor over religion was prevailing over in the western part of New York where I grew up. It was known as the “Burned Over District.”. Many ministers of different religions were venturing
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