I Am Leading Global R & D Teams

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To grow, I embrace changes and proactively seek new challenges.
I’ve made several changes in my career to learn and advance. During graduate study, I conceptualized a robotic system to win several patents of invention. This experience formed my meticulous execution and unconventional thinking. After joining Hewlett-Packard, I led an unprecedented emerging market research that resulted in $120M revenue growth opportunity through product innovations. I realized that a high-tech career is not only technology development, but leading a platform to transform innovations into business value. In 2011, I introduced the LEAN methodology into Scanner business to make our products the most competitive in industry thus helped the business to turn
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Talking with them, I felt a sense of belonging. I decided to apply for Duke and make a plan to transform myself into a successful leader.
Build My Marketing Competency
I have a strong background in the engineering operation. I’ve experienced the overall product development cycle and led critical projects in R&D, but I lack the business skills in this industry to thrive and think strategically. Therefore, I expect the MBA education will develop my business acumen and Marketing skills.
Fuqua’s Marketing concentration is a perfect fit for me. The rigorous but highly customizable curriculum allows me to focus on my career interest and build in-depth learning. In the Marketing study, I plan to focus on Product Management and build core skills in understanding the voice of the customer and delivering the right value to the market. Fuqua’s signature marketing courses and the world-renowned faculty will help me gain a strong competency to explore new opportunities in the growing markets.
Grown Into A Well-Rounded Entrepreneur
My long-term goal is to run a high-tech firm and deliver continuous values to the world. Even though I have direct experience in team management and technology innovations, I still need a multitude of new skills to reach this ambitious goal. Moreover, my past experience has taught me that a new business will face many challenges and need repeated testing. I intended to find solutions for these problems during my business education.
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