I Am Learning Interview Techniques From Wicklander Zulawski & Associates, Inc.

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Self-Regulated Learning Describe one topic that you are currently attempting to learn. Explain your motivation for learning about this topic. Currently I am learning interview techniques from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. This course teaches me how to conduct interviews and interrogations leading to admissions from the guilty while eliminating the innocent from suspicion. I will learn to identify truthful and untruthful behavior along with powerful new ideas to obtain confessions from the guilty. My motivation for taking the course is to become more efficient in interviewing dishonest individuals in my current position for the company I work. Describe each phase of the self-regulated learning approach to learning. Cognitive skills and the student’s abilities’ alone cannot account for individual’s learning. Other factors such as motivation and self-regulation play a role in the students learning as well. This cognitive approach leads to self-regulation learning. This learning process places emphasis on the student being proactive in developing their learning skills. The learner sets their goals, develop their own learning strategies, monitor and modify their progress when needed (Schunk, 2006). In order for this learning process to be effective, the student has to be motivated and committed to accomplishing their goals. The more the learning is invested in the process, the more effective learning becomes. This is critical to the learning process. There are

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