I Am Like A Friend

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chatting just like a friend I felt a little uncomfortable because he was older than me and I don 't want my family to start talking about me again because I already have enough. Joel Zedano fell in love with me my mother found out that he was in love with me so she took advantage of that and she came up with the idea of him getting married me so that way my baby born inside of a family and not with a single young teenager. I didn 't like that idea I was too young and plus I did not like him and my parents taught me that marriage is forever so I was confused that my mom wants me to do that. I told my mom that I don’t want to get merry and she started to threatened me and saying things like if you don’t get merry I am going to take you baby away from you and things like that. Of course my father was not happy with the decision that my mom want to make, and because I was a teenager to get marry I need the authorization of both of my parents, as I mansion my father was no supporting my mom decision which that’s means he 's not going to sign any paper for me to get marry. My mom was so mad and stressed out that she went to the court to talk to the judge because he was his good friend and she ask him for a favor to change me my date of birth of course he did it is Mexico everything is legal the judge took the register book and make an new one with my date of birth fake of course now day we don’t have any prove of that because the only prove that I have for that was on the
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