I Am Like A Second Mother Essay

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It was 1834, and I woke up on the on the old tattered mat I usually sleep on. I sit up yawn and stretch. I slowly and unwillingly get up, brushing off the dirt from my torn tee-shirt. I wobble over to my little sister and brother. Then I go and plop into one of the rickety wooden chairs at our little round wood table. You can tell it was a old table because the paint was almost all chipped off. I always pick at the little paint particles that are still barely hanging onto the table. “Sarah, where are my pink shoes!” Isabella belted across the house. My little sister Isabella is only seven and she can never keep track of where her things are. It 's always a game of finding the needle in the haystack with her. “Probably in our room,” I mutter. My mom always expects me to help them with pretty much anything. I’m like a second mother. I usually stay at home and teach my sister what mom taught me. You know like doing chores and basic math to keep track of the little money we do have. While we’re at the house father goes to look for work, my brother goes to a little school house down the street. I’m happy he gets an education, maybe one day he’ll grow up to be something spectacular. I look over to my mother while little Isabella is sweeping the tattered wooden floor that has many dents in it from over the years. “Mother, do you think father will ever find work?” I quietly mumbled. Mother looks at me with slight sorrow in her brown chocolate eyes. “Sarah, have faith, believe in

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