I Am Logical And Comfortable Essay

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My conformed profile is Introverted - iNtuitive - Thinking - Judging (INTJ) which means I am self-confident, perfectionist with an independence of mind. These qualities gives me the ability of improving upon anything that is part of my interest. In term of business and school, those people with my profile type are known as “Systems Builders” which denotes the combination of imagination and reliability (Personality Test). Because of my profile, my career choices are sciences and engineering but I can still succeed in any other field where intellect and sharpness of mind are required. There is an impressive list of jobs in which I could succeed. Among them, most engineering job, most jobs requiring math skills, jobs in computer and information technology, business and financial jobs, jobs requiring sciences skills including healthcare, jobs in technical education and college professor and administrator, jobs in legal field such as judge and police detective, jobs in arts and design such as art director, reporter, writer. I am logical and comfortable in using abstract model and theory to implement solutions. My first job was a technical education teacher. I was teaching civil engineering technology at the high school level. After moving to the USA, I became a sale associate at an automotive center where I was in contact with computer to record sales and with engine parts. I naturally develop leadership and I am not afraid of challenging situation. My self-confidence and
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