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A skilled and resourceful Customer Service professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication [Public Relations and Mass Communications], accomplished individual with 3 years comprehensive Customer Service experience in maintaining customer satisfaction and establishing rapport with clients; expert user of MS Word, Excel, Outlook and front desk software applications and exceptional talent in Strategic-relationship and use tact and diplomacy to find common ground and achieve win-win outcomes. My goal is to become a valuable mutual asset by providing efficient services that will contribute to organizational success. I am looking for Customer service position in a competitive organization where I can join a team, contribute consistently…show more content…
Paul 's University. January 2014- December 2016;
Duties & Responsibilities: o Promptly responding and handling customer inquiries and complaints o Providing information about products and services, escalate calls appropriately o Repairing trust and locating resources for problem resolution and designing best-option solutions. o Consult with customers to evaluate needs and determine best options o Consistently improving customer satisfaction through expert resolution of conflicts, issues, and concerns o Carrying out customer service assessments to identify and prioritize needs o Maintaining a thorough understanding of all company products and processes o Managing multiple customers simultaneously o Maintaining customer database files o Analysing client transactions, correcting records, and adjusting errors o Consistently adhering to business procedure guidelines
o Maintained positive working relationships with a portfolio of over 1000 clients and resolved an average of 500 enquiries in any given week. o Helped company attain the highest customer service ratings (as determined by annual customer service surveys) in categories including communication skills, listening skills, problem resolution and politeness o Become one of the Institution’s primary mentors of both new and established employees as well as

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