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If that is the case, your message makes all the sense in the world. As I 'm looking through every chapter in my book, I see that I have everything highlighted on chpt. 5, which make me think that an exam on the chapter had to be taken. however, such chapter does not appear in my grading rubric, reason for which i thought i hadn 't taken it. Yet, i still see some anomalies. The file shows two separate grading categories for (chapter 2). I have two open categories under that same name, with only one of them graded, the other one has an " Upcoming" status on it. Would you happen to know why that is? could one of them being mistaken for chapter 5? Also, at first, on the 3 categories concerning the
(Profiling project, Wanted Poster,and the paperrater report), the profiling project gave me an obtainable grade of 80, wanted poster of 10, and paperrater report of another 10, which would all together make a 100. However, now you have changed it to where the P. Project has 90, and the wanted poster 10, making a total of a 100. Out of the 90 i made an 87, and out of the 10, i made a 7, but on your excel chart the obtainable points increase to 100 instead of 90 for the P. Project and my 87 score stays the same which instead of leaving my deficit at 3 points, makes it 13. could we elaborate a little more on that?
On another note, i understand how my email must have made you feel, and I 'm fully responsible of that. however, our professional relationship takes us back a couple years,
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