I Am Made On A Budget Cut For My Department

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Ladies of Gentlemen of the Board we are here for decision to be made on a budget cut for my department. Though this is something I do not relish in doing, I recognize the necessity of doing it for the betterment of our institution. With the rising cost of everything we either make, produce, transport, or use. It is inevitable that higher education will also be hit with rising costs. What we paid our teachers 30, 20, 10 years ago teachers cannot live on it. With this in mind I present to you 5 strategies that I urge you all to look at with an open mind. You maybe wondering why we should even care about remedial reading, writing, and math. All of these subjects are main staples to our society to move forward. We cannot let one mind stay behind vacillates in ignorance. It has been said time and time again “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste” was coined by Arthur Fletcher for the United Negro College Fund. Now I am talking about one race but a mind the most wonderful, mysterious creation of GOD. I will be discussing 5 strategies as to how we can might use to cover the revenue that fell short for our institution. Our financial statistics are attached in Appendix A. They are:
STRATEGY 1: Oracle Hyperion Planning a Web-based Budgeting Application
Its purpose is to assist colleges and universities in planning, management and control all finances in one application. Instead of using multiple software packages we use one. As (Oracle Hyperion
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