I Am Malal In Depths Of I Am Malala

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In Depths of I Am Malala
There are many type of books; however, each and every one of them delivers life lessons. I am Malala was written by a 11-year-old girl who experienced a life threatening situation with the Taliban. The author, Malala Yousafza, wrote this book based on her knowledge and experience of her life making this a writing technique called a memoir. This novel represents the many themes, which include education, feminism, and sexual equality. Malala used this set of themes by writing of her experiences during the time she lived there. As well as the different stereotypes of people around the world of the problems occurring in that country.
The Perspectives of the Novel
The point of view in a novel is what gives the book its voice. In I am Malala the book is written from her own point of view, as a memoir. Malala is narrating
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This demonstrates that the father knew and may have practiced this; however he realizes that treating women should be equal and should have the same opportunities as the men have. Sexual equality is a controversy across the world. In an article written by Annabel Lever she wrote, “Far from protecting the legitimate differences between individuals, she argues, protection for privacy perpetuates illegitimate differences in the wellbeing and life prospects of different women. Hence, she concludes, feminists should reject the right to privacy, for all that right means is that "women with privileges get rights" (5). In other words, Annabel is saying that a women without privileges has not rights, this is clearly what is happening in I am Malala.
In the same token, in the novel there are stereo types that are presented which include the views of the Taliban in that country versus the world. In the novel several occasions in the book she tells the reader how the Talibans would treat people who ‘rebel’ against them. The Teliban were group of
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