I Am Malal The Girl Who Was Shot By The Taliban

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If asked to identify a great leader, we might immediately think of someone like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr., but it is unlikely that in our traditional view of leadership we would jump to the thought of a young girl from a village in Pakistan. I am Malala: The Girl Who was Shot by the Taliban redirects our thinking to just such an idea of a great leader (Yousafzai & Lamb, 2013). Malala shows leadership well beyond her years. She perseveres through dangerous situations to stand up for her beliefs, and her dedication to making education available to all children is truly inspiring. Malala’s story draws you in from an account of her birth. “ When I was born, people in our village commiserated with my mother and nobody congratulated my father” (Yousafzai & Lamb, 2013, p. 13). Malala’s life started out like any other in the Swat Valley, now part of Pakistan. Girls were not celebrated at birth like their male counterparts. However, Malala’s father was different. Zaiuddin Yousafzai not only celebrated his daughter’s birth, he saw that there was something unique about her from the very beginning. Malala and her father had a very special relationship. He, unlike many fathers in Pakistan, respected his daughter and contributed to Malala becoming educated and independent. Prior to Malala’s birth, Zaiuddin Yousafzai founded a school and as a teacher continued to be a voice for education in a country where education is not valued. He stood strong against the…

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