I Am Malala, By Malala Yousafzai

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There is a saying that the only time people realized the importance of someone or something is when they lose it. People start missing and regret what they missed. As a student I found that most students do not cherish the opportunities of going to school. They do not like and are tired of the homework their teachers assigned and a bunch of tests, quizzes they have every week. What these student do not know is that in some counties the opportunity to get education is relatively low than the countries they lived in. They also do not know how powerful schooling can be and how some people’s lives can be changed through going to school. In the book I Am Malala, the author Malala Yousafzai describes her tough life of pursuing education under the Taliban’s control. And how she fights against the Taliban for her right for education. Knowledge is the primary thing that people can get from education. By going to school, people learn how to read, write and some critical thinking skills. Without this knowledge, people are not able to identify right and wrong. Knowing how easily ignorant people can be controlled, terrorist do whatever they can to stop people, especially girls, from going to school. However, education is a powerful tool for fighting these terrorist, because well-educated people are harder to be fooled and controlled.
Without education people do not have the knowledge and ability to differentiate truth and lie, and are easily to be controlled. In the book Malala says her…
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