I Am Me With Adhd And Prescribed Medication

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After many doctor appointments, many test, many forms completed by both my parents and the teachers they diagnosed me with ADHD and prescribed medication. Unfortunately, I am one of the people who does not respond to the stimulant medications.
As I thought back over my elementary school experience, I realized I did not get a lot of support or changes made to help me in the school environment. The first couple of years after I was diagnosed, my Mom would fill out a lot of paper work at the beginning of each school year but the only benefit I remember getting from all of this was extended time to take test, which I never used. Through discussions between my mom and at the teachers recommendation, they made the decision that since I never needed the extended time it was not worthwhile to continue filling out the forms, so my Mom stopped. I remember my Mom talking about the teachers recommending to not fill out the forms since they were not needed because it ‘labeled’ me.
I have always been very active and talkative, even as a toddler. I have often heard my mom say I never set still. I have been told by my parents that I have trouble following directions, but it is not that I cannot follow directions, I just get side tracked by something else that catches my attention. I am easily distracted and have a hard time staying focused.
I am an only child and lived with both my mother and father. My parents both have college degrees. My Mom has worked in the corporate world (local…

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