I Am My Best Writing

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Writing has always been difficult for me. I learned to read and write in second grade because I had cancer, this lead me to become behind in school. However, leaving this class I feel confident about my writing. Freshman Composition has forced me to improve with my semicolon use, coma use, and vocabulary. My work had not always been smooth and easy to read, but today my writing has improved extremely; for instance, looking back on my first essay to my last I can tell I have improved just by looking at my grades. This portfolio will include my most successful work, as well as my least successful work. For instance, I believe my least successful writing assignment was the first essay about how certain memories had an impact on my reading and writing. This assignment had many marks on it from my teacher and the peer editor. I also had many semicolon and coma errors. Therefore, I believe it wasn’t my best writing. However, this writing assignment pushed me to improve so that I could obtain a decent grade in this class. Furthermore, my most successful writing pieces is my essay debating sexual education and the essay about my most embarrassing moment. As a matter a fact, I am really proud of my argumentation essay on sex education because it was my best grade on any essay I wrote. Additional, I believe this essay helped me accomplish how to write a college level research paper. Not to mention, I am also proud of my essay about my most embarrassing moment because it was one of…

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