I Am My Eyes For Granted

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I definitely think I take my eyes for granted. These organs let me see the world, learn about my surroundings, and see my family and friends. I have never previously thought about how I have the ability to see and what process my eyes and brain go through in order for me to be able to see. I knew absolutely nothing about how they work. Learning about it was very interesting, and I now know it is a very complicated process. It is amazing that so many things happen in order for me to have sight, and that they happen naturally. I do not have to put in any effort; all I have to do is open my eyes. It was great to be able to read about the fascinating process of the eyes. First of all, I researched how we are able to see. I read that the first step in vision is gathering light. When we look at an object, light waves go into our eyes. Something really interesting that I learned was that we only see a small fraction of the light spectrum, and that the height of the light wave determines its intensity or brightness, while the wavelength determines its color. The next step is the light channeling within the eye. The light goes through a hole in our eye called the pupil, which is constantly opening and closing to let light in. I always thought it was fun to look in the mirror and turn the light off and on. I liked to watch my pupils get really small with the light on and expand when the light is off. The light then reaches the lens after it goes through the pupil, and I learned…

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