I Am My Love Of Wine

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“It 's six weeks, or so I 'm told... I really do not want to end up like Edward; I do not want my daughter to lose her parents. Knowing another drink could kill me scares the shit out of me. You know my love of Wine; I need to teaching how not to reach for alcohol, I need to learn that I cannot use it to unwind at the end of the day.” Serena paused, “With regards to my absence the board have been in touch and they want a temporary stand in as CEO; I recommended you for the position...”

“Why?” Ric felt bemused, he thought he would be the last person on this planet she would ask.

“Because, I trust you to keep my good work afloat, I know you 'll be exceptional in the role” Serena sighed “Pointless recommendation, I can 't see why the bothered asking as they want Connie Beauchamp in the top chair, and asked me to approve”

“It 's for six weeks I can handle that” Ric tried not to sound disappointed, especially after hearing who was getting the role instead.

“Eight months” Serena revealed, dropping a bombshell.

“What?” Ric screwed his face in confusion.

“After the rehab stint, I 'm taking personal leave, six months away from hospitals, business, and the lot, I’m taking a break”

“It 's a long time, what are you intending to do?”

“Sort myself out; reconnect with the important things in life l, important people.
I would like to take my honeymoon, the one that I never went on, but you need a husband for that... And I thought that maybe you would like to come with me, you
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