I Am My Own Villain And Procrastination

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It’s a race to the finish line in a typical workday in my world, and that finish line is what I label to be the time clock. I have allowed this small, compact technology device that is screwed into the concrete wall, to control my life Monday through Friday. I know without a doubt, that if I punch that small button on time, the rest of my day is guaranteed to be smooth sailing. You see, I’m not a person that wakes up refreshed, smelling the Folders coffee in the morning, while birds are singing beautifully to me. I purposely pile on the stress and it creates this anxiety in my life, mainly in the mornings while racing to get ready and drive to work. I have no understanding to why I do this to myself, but I am my own villain and procrastination is my toxic poison. There are many people that have morning routines that they follow while getting ready, but me, I do whatever I want, when I want, and because of that, my morning time is limited. Some days I do not have time to pack a lunch, or even take our two dogs out to pee. Since my husband works third shift, I depend on him to come home and do it for me. Making the first move to get out of bed is always the toughest, plus getting ready for work is a preparation from hell. Then, I have to hustle and bustle, and drive like a mad woman to get to work on time. Every morning, my annoying alarm clock goes off at 7:30, but I turn it off and roll back over to knock out some more snooze time. Sometimes I’ll decide to get up and eat

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