I Am My Own Wife By Doug Wright

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Symbols For Deeper Understanding Within “ I am my own wife” By Doug Wright symbols are used for a better understanding beyond just obvious wording of the play. Gender stereotypes, Identity, and Discrimination or Hate groups or even the objects used in the play a very important part in the story line. Stereotypes of what makes a man or woman differs from culture to culture. As an example in some places pink is considered manly for the boldness of the color and blue is meant for women due to the softness of the color. Or within the Wodaabe tribe where men wear makeup to attract a female instead of a female wearing it to attract a male. Within “ I am my own wife” the main character is both female and male due to the stereotypes.…show more content…
In East Persia in the house of my aunt at the time we were good becoming good friends because my aunt was a lesbian and I was the same. One day I was moving the furniture and I looked through the window and it was snowing. There was a snowman 's hat in the back and I became horribly scared because I was realized it was my father. My aunt and my father had a very Heart to Heart discussion and my aunt said your wife really want to divorce you. Then suddenly my father pulled out a revolver and pointed it at me and he said one more word and I 'll shoot you but my aunt took her revolver from the desk and said I 'll count to three and then you better be out of here or I 'll shoot. Three! The bullet went through one door and into the next and my father returned quickly returned Berlin. I ask and she said yes of course but what a shame I didn 't kill him. Charlotte made a choice here. This individual could have went with the dad grew up a soldier and maybe married a girl. Instead Charlotte stayed with a person with the most connection felt. Staying with the aunt which was a lesbian and accepted Charlotte 's sense of identity. It could also be said the charlotte idolized his/her aunt. When she pulled a gun on the father it showed a sense of strength. The fact the charlotte 's mother wants a divorce suggests a unhappy perhaps abusive relationship. So, maybe as a child seeing everyone cower to charlotte 's father figure. The one person that stands up to him (the
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