I Am Naturally An Anxious Person

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I am naturally an anxious person. And not the kind of anxious that only appears when running late for work, or seeing someone 's penis for the first time. I mean the kind of anxious that manifests itself in all areas of my life, and has done for many years. For example, when I was young, my school used to hold mufti days. A glorious time in which the constraints of green plaid would be lifted, and we would be free to express our individuality through sparkly t-shirts and patterned jeans. The day would fill me with equal parts excitement and severe anxiety; excitement to dress out of uniform during school hours, but anxiety if I got it wrong. As a result, every mufti day involved my mum driving me to school and packing my school uniform in the car- just in case I’d made a mistake. I would slouch down in the front seat so no-one could see me, and make my mum drive around the block until I spotted a few other out of uniform children. Only then would I be able to go inside, my gold coin donation jangling in my pocket.

While I’ve grown a little since then, and no longer need my mum to drive me around the corner before school, I am still plagued with anxiety and low moods, which is not something that I am very good at letting others in on, and not something that is good to experience alone. My anxiety has seen me get off public transport on the way to a new job, unable to turn up and unable to go back, turn down social events and spend a lot of time alone, spend hours nervously

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