I Am Not A Drama Queen

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Profile # 26:
I have a dream of one day becoming very famous no matter what it takes. About me: Artistic and ambitious, I’ve read Shakespeare and taken drama classes. I am not a drama queen, but I live my everyday life like a movie star. If you’re not afraid of the spotlight, you can come and stand right next to me. I guarantee sparkles and fun 24/7.
Profile # 27:
Partying has kept me away from having a decent long lasting relationship for too long, now, I would like to settle down. About me: Open minded, sympathetic, and perhaps too popular. Knows how to have fun and mostly knows all the best spots in town. After meeting so many different persons through the years, I would like to finally meet “the one”.
Profile # 28:
I’ve been to many places lately, but most of these places are filled with superficial people. About me: Confident, knows what she wants, atheist, relies on facts rather than superstition. If you have charisma with a little bit of sarcasm, then you are just what I am looking for.
Profile # 29:
Entertaining my friends is like a drug to me. Maybe that’s why my house is always filled with joy and laughter. About me: Loves meeting new people, loves to practice yoga, a cat lover and speaks many foreign languages. After wonderful and sometimes painful experiences I am now looking for someone who can bring more stability into my life.
Profile # 30:
Music has been an important part of my life, for as long as I can remember. So, I’m more of a sensitive person than a
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