I Am Not A Native Texan And I Have Been An Educator

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I am not a native Texan and I have been an educator in Texas for over 12 years. I have coached at schools from 3A to 6A and from Houston to the DFW area. I have seen and heard some great things that we coaches as well as schools do but at the same time I have seen and heard some horrible things. Unfortunately we are losing great coaches to administration positions and to the private sector due to the long hours and insufficient pay. We as coaches have a great privilege of educating and coaching these young student athletes to help them prosper in their present life as well as in their future. We have the opportunity to see our athletes every day in our athletic periods but some do not take advantage of it. I have seen coaches wait two months after school has started before they would do any kind of activity for their teams during the athletic period. I have seen coaches take two months off after their season is over and have a study hall during the athletic period. We have to fight to maintain our athletic periods and we cannot give administration any reason to take it away. Value your time with your athletes and get the most out of them. Teach them what hard work is and they will expect great things; give them days off and they will fight you when you start trying to make them work out. In all my years as a coach but one year I have coached multiple sports. I have coached three sports in a school year for five years; some of those years I was a head coach. I

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