I Am Not Employed At A Healthcare Organization

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I am not employed at a healthcare organization; therefore, I researched a local health care organization to answer the questions for exercise one, per instructors counsel. The health organization I chose is Sinai Hospital. I chose Sinai Hospital because it is the hospital that has provided most of my medical health services as many of my physicians are aligned with Sinai. Sinai Hospital is a not-for-profit and teaching hospital serving Baltimore County and Baltimore City. According to the financial policies on Sinai’s website, Sinai expects full payment for all services at the time of service (LifeBridge, n.d.). Co-pays are payed at the time of each visit. Medical services not covered under insurance are still subject to the “payment in …show more content…

Part of Sinai’s mission statement is to provide “cost-effective health services” (Sinai, n.d.b, p.1). I do not believe the mix of payors will change in the future for Sinai Hospital. Sinai will continue to rely on major insurance companies and Medicaid as forms of payment for health care services. President Obama created the Affordable Care Act to help make health care more accessible. The Affordable Care Act has expanded Medicaid coverage for those individuals who are 133 percent under the poverty line (Wilensky, 2012). In addition, individuals that are 400 percent under poverty line, but ineligible for employer insurance coverage or other public programs other insurance option have been made available (Wilensky, 2012). As a result of the vast coverage, more hospitals will depend heavily on insurance providers and Medicaid for payment of services. From my perspective, the ideal payer mix for Sinai would be just as they have it established. Sinai depends on major insurance and government insurance for payment. Major insurance companies and government health insurance are solid options for health care payments. It is good for hospitals to depend on those resources. I have not worked in a cost center nor have I had knowledge of a cost center before this assignment. From reading various articles, it is

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