I Am Observing For The After School Action Program Essay

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Currently, I am observing for the After School Action Program (ASAP) at Benold Middle School located in Georgetown, Texas. This program is designed to activate the critical and analytical thinking in students while developing leadership skills. In this program, there are approximately 12 students, which 4 students have learning disabilities. Research has been conducted by my observation of various techniques implemented for the inclusion of these students. During my observation, several approaches have been used with success in retaining students understanding of the material being presented. First, as a student whose major is ECL-6 Special Education, I want to study different approaches to which teachers implement on students with disabilities. Secondly, as I continue to observe, I have become more familiar with these students and their temperament. Because of this, I am understanding more of the teaching approaches being used to achieve the desired outcome. Ultimately, this observation will help me better prepare for my future endeavors as a special education teacher.
During my various observations with the teacher, there have been a few techniques that were implemented to enhance students ' learning experiences. First, In problem-solving issues, the teacher will ask the student what approaches will they use in order to solve a problem. Another approach the teacher implemented was having the students attempt their own theory, even knowing the teacher the theory was
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