I Am On The Clock Right Now

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As I neared Bryant Street, I shifted the box with car parts. I had to get them to that guy up the block as quickly as I could. There wouldn’t be anything to smile about if I got fired for being too slow. Music was blaring from a radio perched on top a phone booth down the block, where a group of men leaned against cars in front of the barbershop. I rushed past them, trying to balance the car parts in the box with one hand while rubbing my other hand; trying some of the sticky grease off of it. I spotted Sam and Maxie and crossed toward them. “Hey, Sam. Maxie.” “Hey, Bucky,” she replied, “You finally got a free afternoon?” Hardly. “No, girl, I’m on the clock right now. Just dropping off some parts to a guy up the block.” I pointed my thumb over my shoulder. I suddenly remembered that I had to talk to Stick about that. “I’m glad I ran into you, Sam. Do you a favor, will ya? Tell Steve to stop by the shop tomorrow. We gotta talk.” I sped up my speaking, “It’s real important. I tried to catch him earlier, but I missed my shot.” “Yeah, no problem, Bucky. I’ll tell him.” I grinned, relieved. “Thanks man, I gotta go. Get back to work ‘fore they dock me.” I slapped his shoulder. “Catch ya later.” I jogged off down the sidewalk and then slowed to wave at some friends coming out of the mini grocery carrying bottles of soda. One of them called out and I turned partway, still jogging. “You coming tonight, man?” “Can’t. Working,” I called back. I waved and dashed toward the corner.
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