I Am On The Lower End Of The Use As Needed Spectrum For Using The Sequence Pattern

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Sequence: I am on the lower end of the use as needed spectrum for using the sequence pattern. I tend to stray from using sequence unless I have to. I use my critical thinking skills to evaluate a task, and what is being asked of me before deciding the best way to complete it. I do tend to have issues sticking to directions and the task at hand. I know that I need to intensify my sequence use and try to create more order when completing assignments. In the Week 2 assignment I received feedback about the repetitive sentences I used to start my paragraphs, I know that if I would’ve practiced using sequence and did a rough draft or outline for each topic, I would’ve have noticed this issue before submitting the assignment. Precision: I feel that I am a great people person and that is because I use precision to learn about the people I interact with. I kind of study them and figure out how they operate and what they are most comfortable with and base my behavior off of that. I apply my precision pattern to work as well. I really like to learn the proper way to perform a task, or how my co-workers or management prefer certain things to be done, and just learn any little bit of information I can about what it is I am doing. Technical Reasoning: I am a very hands-on learner and love to be able to actually watch the way something is done. I like taking things apart to figure them out and putting them back together. I really enjoy watching videos or tutorials on how to do

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