I Am On The Right Track

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Yes, I think my research question is very clear and well composed. It was important to my tutor that I made sure it was narrowed down specifically for my audience to understand the argument I was trying to make. The first thing he made sure that my research question was fact orientated. Next, he made sure that my argument is capable of being confirmed, which it was. Next, were-read my argument making sure that it was complex and arguable. He explained that if your research question doesn 't spark different arguments than it is not a good one. I think as far as it comes to my research question I am on the right track. Have I chosen an appropriate type of argument for this research question? Yes my tutor and I came to conclusion…show more content…
In addition, audience is important when using a proposal for an argument. For example, I plan on setting up my argument to focus on a particular audience, such as the general public and the higher authorities in healthcare. However, it is important to define a need or a problem. I think it is important to make it known that there is a problem with a shortage and lack of healthcare workers and by incorporating robotics will become beneficial when it comes to preforming a task and surgery. This is why I think the need of robotic technology is well needed in the health care environment. I explained to him each step to why I think a proposal will work best because I 'm describing a need and problem. My tutor explained how this was important because this is going to be the way my research is set up. This is the way I 'm going to organize and make my argument successful. Therefore, I have the appropriate type of argument for my research question. What is the best mode of delivery (media) for this argument (website, wiki, Prezi, etc.)?
My tutor tried to talk me into doing a Prezi, but then he finally said that I should do whatever I feel comfortable with working with, so I plan on still doing my PowerPoint which I find easier to work with. In this way I will be able to How can I best organize and design my layout in order to reach my audience (think color, fonts, organization, etc.)?
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