I Am On Top Of The World

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I 'm on top of the world. At least, it feels like I am. On my giant of a dad 's shoulders, I can see for what seems like miles down the high street in York. My little face is taken up by a smile: I am like other little girls, out for a day with both parents. Days in the park, birthdays and Christmases together...a life with both parents unfurls before me in dazzling golds and pinks. But this fades out within a month. Promises to stay in contact are forgotten. This is the start of a yo-yo relationship with my dad. Over the next two years, the memory of my dad moves further and further back in my brain and gets covered with a film of dust. There are much more important things on my little mind, such as school and friends. But one day, the…show more content…
Dad buys me a little teddy bear with a heart necklace. It’s a beautiful silver thing that sits perfectly around my neck. “It’s a heart because I love you, kiddo,” Dad tells me. I can’t help but grin, playing with it. I’m immediately in love with it and it’s with a lot of persuasion that Mum finally gets me to take it off days after we’re home. It’s not long before I lose it. As I grow, there are a couple more times I’m meant to see dad, but don’t. Something gets in the way. He can’t get the time off work, or something else more important has come up, or he’s got to do something with his other kids that are considerably older than me and have never missed him the way I have – I’m not bitter, promise. I just grin and bear it. Another trip is arranged when I’m eleven. I try and stop my hopes from getting up, but I can’t stop them completely. As the date edges nearer and nearer, I barely breathe, waiting on a text: “Sorry, hon, can’t make it this time.” But it never comes. The fateful day comes round and there’s been no text. When I wake, I’m almost beside myself with excitement. I strain my ears and I can hear him and my mum chatting downstairs. I feel as if I’m made of buzzing exclamation marks. I throw on my dressing gown and hurtle downstairs. We have a fun morning full of lots of exotic breakfast foods before heading up to Edinburgh. The sun is shining, and I feel the same. The day is already great when we go to the music shop and I’m allowed to play on the piano.
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